Our classes provide an opportunity to grow in your faith and be equipped for serving the Lord in practical ways. 



  • Building into others, part B

    This class will help give you a tool so you can be faithful to the calling of God to go and develop devoted followers of Jesus.

  • s.h.a.p.e.

    This class will help you understand how God has specifically shaped you for service in ministry within the Body of Christ by helping you discover your spiritual gifts, your heart/passion, your abilities and talents, your personality, and your life experiences.

  • Missions

    "God's Heart For the Nations" focuses on God's plan and purpose for our lives. Each lesson combines powerful Scripture passages, provocative questions, a time of mediation and a focus on an unreached people group.

  • Men to Men


    Women to Women

    Men: A Man's Man

    Discover the qualities of a godly man as we address: God's mandates for men and men walking by the Spirit.

    Women: A Woman's Walk with the Shepherd

    Join us as we chat through a few of the themes found in Psalm 23... Affections, Simplicity, Rest, Grief/Trials, Hospitality, and the joy of Blessings that come as we follow our Shepherd.

  • Worship Based Prayer

    Worship Based Prayer is a way of praying where we let the Spirit direct through the Scriptures because God is worthy to worshiped. Each class will begin with a few minutes of instruction and then most of our time spent in worship based prayer.

  • 1 John

    1 John is a great reminder of the joy producing and comforting essentials of the faith. Come join us for a careful consideration of how joyfulness, holiness, and security can grow in practical ways in our lives.