classes @ calvary 2019

Cycle II (March 10 - April 14)

Sundays @ 9:00am.

Our Classes @ Calvary provide an opportunity to grow in your faith and be equipped

for serving the Lord in practical ways.


This class will help you give an answer for the hope that is

in you by providing you with an overview of the key biblical passages that comprise what the Bible says about salvation. 

Join us Sundays 9am Room 208

the gospel to others

We will be inspired to advance God's Kingdom

through the real life experiences of Richard and

Sabina Wurmbrand as they made disciples under

the most difficult of circumstances. DVD and

discussion led by Doug Cannon and Pat Cottrell.

Join us Sundays 9am Room 108

straight talk

Men to Men: What does it take to be a MAN OF GOD? "It takes courage and faith to step up to the challenge and a commitment to be consistent." If you are up to the challenge we will see you there.

Women to Women: We'll engage in open, honest and practical discussions about topics that challenge us as Christian women of all ages.

Join us Sundays 9am Men Room 212 / Women Room 206