classes @ calvary 2021

Our Classes @ Calvary provide an opportunity to grow in your faith

and be equipped for serving the Lord in practical ways.

September 12 to October 17 - 9am


This class will provide you with an overview of what we believe here

at CBCHB and cover essential information about our doctrinal beliefs,

our Constitution and By-Laws, and our mission statement.

Biblical Potluck


Each week we will be looking at a different passage,

covering such topics as Paul's conversion, the second coming, original sin,

defending the faith, and faith & works.

Dealing with your emotions


Emotions, in and of themselves, are good and useful.

However, there are godly and ungodly ways to manage them.

studying the bible to teach

Pastor Pat Cottrell

We will study a Bible passage and form it

into a lesson to be taught or preached.